Shell Commands in the Cloud

Run command-line tools and scripts from anywhere using SSH or HTTP.

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Your tools everywhere you go

Many command-line utilities can now be put in the cloud, configured just as you need, and run from anywhere using SSH with no installation.

Share scripts and automation

Empower your team with scripts and custom tooling that doesn't need to be set up. Just give access and others can run the command.

Integrate with your workflow

Running commands via HTTP and WebSocket open up new ways to integrate shell scripting and utilities into your apps and internal systems. is a specialized compute platform

It was made for running short lived, sometimes interactive programs made for the command-line. Programs are run in their own stateless, isolated execution environment in the cloud.

Programs are run as commands using SSH, HTTP, or WebSocket. You can give them environment variables, arguments, and STDIN. They then stream back the output of STDOUT and STDERR. It's effectively a cloud API for POSIX tasks.

However, Cmd is not designed to run long-lived programs, programs that accept network connections, or programs that require interactive access to the user filesystem.

Most importantly, is a building block.

Cmd was built to do one thing and do it well.
It was designed to be composable with other systems.

Here are a few ideas to spark inspiration...